Digital Calorie Counting Skipping Rope

Digital Calorie Counting Skipping Rope

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This Digital Calorie Counting Skipping Rope features:

*1. Multi-function memory counting rope: The high-definition LED display on this fitness skipping rope shows timer, weight, calories and circles. It displays your set weight, accurate calculation of time, number of laps and calories burned, so that you can adjust to achieve a better fitness effect. In addition, you can also set time reminders or skip circle reminders to get the target workout settings. *2. Rope skipping: ensure smooth rotation, making it an important addition to any calorie-consuming exercise program. *3. Easy to adjust: It is easy to adjust the skipping rope from 9.51ft / 280cm to the required length or height. Kids in cordless mode are no longer tangled, it is suitable for boxing, MMA or only for people who are fit for fitness anytime, anywhere. Suitable for all ages. (adults, men, women, children, children, boys and girls) *4. Engineering design, comfortable grip, anti-skid design on the surface, *5. High-definition display, multi-function settings. *6. Upgrade smart chip to detect motion data intelligently. *7. High-strength PVC environmental protection rope, wear-resistant and durable, full of falling feeling without floating, outsourcing PVC material, better use without knotting.

Rope length: 2.8m

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